Photography of Hawaii
About the Artist

Born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, raised in Kansas City, Missouri and educated in Tucson, Arizona. Now residing in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii.

Tom Yim has been exposed to a wide spectrum of cultures from his birthplace of the Far East to the heartland of America. But, Hawaii is where he has found tranquility.

After attending the University of Arizona, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Educated and trained as a commercial/graphic artist, He found himself in the center of the fashion industry.

With the limitless usage of colors in the fashion industry and the exactness of graphic techniques, He was able to combine the two to create a style of perfect balance with slight color exaggeration to his work.

Hawaii being one of his favorite vacations spots while living in the West Coast. He decided to apply his style and techniques to share with the world this beautiful paradise. He felt that in order to show the world the beauty of Hawaii, he would do it through photography. As a result, he developed a way to connect multiple photo shots to create one wide continuous panoramic photograph. Some of his images are created with over forty-five shots.

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